Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Hey, Where are all the Pictures?

            Just because I posted my 100th post yesterday, doesn't mean I know everything there is to know about blogging, and using blogger.  I definitely don't, and the missing pictures on my blog are there to prove it.

             When I upload pictures to the blog, they get stored on Google's Picassa site.  Google only lets you store a certain number of pictures before they charge you money.  Well, the other day I reached my limit, and I received a message stating that if I wanted to store more pictures, that I would need to pay a fee.  Well I thought, why don't I just delete the photos I have on Picassa?  Seemed like a great idea at the time.  Little did I know that when I deleted them from Picassa, they were actually getting deleted from my posts.  I didn't know that the posts couldn't live without Picassa.  Apparently that is the case.

             So, I may be spending a lot of time reloading my pictures into the posts.  I will admit that for a minute I was set to give up on the whole thing.  I am not a quitter though, so on I go.  Please ignore the black spots where the pictures were.  I will try my hardest to fix things as quickly as possible.

             Another lesson about blogger learned.  Please learn from my mistake if you plan on or are blogging.

Update:  Thank you to Ellie who left a most helpful comment.  My answer to my photo dilemna was answered in her comment.  Please read her comment for the photo storage solution.

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  1. Oh, Siggy... I sure hope you can bring back those photos in no time. I totally understand!! Blogging can be sooo frustrating at times.... I am not sure if you have your photos on your own personal picassa( where you can edit, make collages, export etc.?... different than the google picassa where blogspot stores your posted photos.)
    I noticed while you can have a certain amount of photos that are free with google/blogger (where blogger stores them automatically at your original uploaded size(around 2500x2500)... that you can still manage to upload your photos without being charged onto the blog... to a certain size... I think blogger's limit is 800x800... and normally a picture is around 2500 pixels x 2500, if uploaded normally.
    So what I end up doing, is upload my photos to my personal picassa album from my sd card, then export the photo in a folder( still in my picassa album) to that size( 800x800)... then, and only then do I upload it onto the blog. This way I stay under the limit and don't get charged. I hope this was helpful... and that it sort of makes sense. I found this out later when I was close to 97% of my photo limit... so I understand.
    In any case, I'm not sure how your blogger site works for you, but I thought I'd share this in the hopes that it will help you a bit ... I am hoping you will get back on your feet again... so glad you are not giving up:)!