Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sea Shell Craft

              How many of you in the Northern Hemisphere are as tired of the winter as I am?  I think it has been cold since October.  I am so ready for some warm weather, which I was hoping to get early since the groundhog said that it would be an early spring.

              Since it seems as if old man winter wants to hang around for quite a while more, (snow storm on the way), how about trying to bring the beach home?  I want to share a craft that we learned to do on a beach vacation last year.  It is fun for all ages.  Even my 2 year old enjoyed participating, with minimum mess I might add.

               To do this project you need sea shells which have deep wells in them, sand, mini sea shells of different sizes and colors, a mixing stick, a disposable cup, and glue.  Where do you get this stuff if you don't live by the beach, or if you couldn't possibly collect enough anyway?  I found these items at my local craft shop (Hobby Lobby).  You can also purchase online.
                First, pour sand into a shell and fill it up.

               Then pour the sand into the cup.  Pour glue into the cup.  You need to make a mix similar to the consistency of icing.  You don't want it to dry because then it won't spread smoothly.  You also don't want it runny.

               Then place the sand/glue mixture back into the shell.  Smooth out the mixture.

               Keep the shell level by either holding it straight or propping it up straight with something.   If you don't, the sand/glue mixture will glop out of the shell.

               Gently place your shells, or other sea creatures(sand dollars, starfish, etc.), into the shell.  You want to be able to see them when the glue is dry, so don't push them in so they will get covered by the sand/glue mixture.  This instruction had to be reinforced to my younger 2 who buried a few shells at first.

               When you have filled the shells to your liking, let them dry overnight.  You need to keep them propped level.

                After they are dry they make great little items to use as decorations for a beach themed room.  They can also make a great little gift.


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