Saturday, October 13, 2012

Let Your Shopping Pay You Back

                The Holiday Season is upon us again.  It just seemed to have crept up like it always does.  We got our pumpkins last weekend and after weeks of mulling over Halloween costumes, finally got them ordered.  My son is going to be his usual Football Player.  He's been wearing a different team's uniform for the last 3 years now.  I'm starting to think it is sneaky way of just trying to collect helmets.  (Of course there are teams that he is forbidden from being due to my husbands deep dislike of them. )  My oldest, the dancer, is going to be a Disco Dancer, my fluttery 5 year old is going to be a fairy, and my tot tot will be an angel (I think she is one of course already).
                Right after Halloween the stores start putting up the Christmas and Hannukah displays.  Thanksgiving is acknowledged, but it seems to be less now.  It's a shame because Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.
                 With 4 kids I have learned how to shop well.  I am great at taking advantage of sales and combining store coupons.  "What? Gymboree has a sale?  I'll just wait until my Gymbucks can be used and save another 50% on the clothes".  (That's how I think).
          Well, about 5 years ago, when my 5 year old was born, I was watching a TV morning show (something I no longer do, because I just don't have the time.)  One of the guests was speaking of websites that offer you cash back if you first go to their website and use it to link to your shopping sites, such as Toys R Us, Land's End, Best Buy, Disney Store, etc.  You simply type the store you are looking for in the search box.  If it is part of the program you will see a page with links to all the coupons being offered, plus it will say if it is part of the cash back program.  For example, Land's End is offering 3% cash back on your purchase right now.  So, if you purchase $100 worth of merchandise, you will receive $3 back in your Fat Wallet account.  This doesn't sound like much but after a lot of online shopping which occurs during the holidays, or for me all year long,  (No fun shopping with 4 whining kids), the money adds up.  I just bought 4 kids snow boots for this winter.  I payed for them with the money I accumulated from Fat Wallet this past year.  The money was held in an account.  I requested the money be sent to my PayPal account.  It was there the next day, and the snow boots were purchased.  (Land's End had a 40% off shoe sale, with free shipping I might add!)
                    Fat Wallet is kind of a rewards program for all of your shopping.  The cash back is not available right away.  It usually takes a few weeks to show up.  I am sure they receive the cash back from the participating stores, so you don't get it until they get it.  It has worked well for me.  If you want to check it out here's the link.  Happy shopping!

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