Thursday, September 13, 2012

China Week

               We finished our study on China last week.  The kids really enjoyed it.  I think they enjoyed learning how to write their names in Chinese the most.

               The kids in China start learning calligraphy by age 6 and seeing how the characters for their words and sounds look, I can understand why.  It's very technical.  I am thinking that a dash drawn the wrong size might mean something not intended.  Lucky for my kids, they don't live in China!  They have penmanship issues once in a while.  Interesting that their cursive is much nicer than their print.  Handwriting Without Tears cursive book is great.  My son just started cursive, and he is already nicely making words.  It's a great program.  Definitely no tears.

              Here is what our white board looked like.
           They were surprised to learn of all the inventions that came from China such as fireworks, silk, and paper.  They found it interesting that a little boy could be Emperor.  They also didn't think it was fair that the Emperor could only wear yellow.

           Some of the books I used for China were D is for Dancing Dragon, and  China.

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