Sunday, September 23, 2012

Japan Week

                 This past week we studied Japan.  It culminated with some yummy food I have posted.

                 We learned Japan is made up of over 3000 islands.  The largest 4 contain most of the population.  Tokyo is located on the island of Honshu, and is the capital.  It is also the most populated city.

                 Since 80% of Japan is mountainous and very hilly, most people live in the cities near the coast.  That's why the cities are so crowded.

                 Japan is also on the "Ring of Fire", and is home to over 250 volcanoes, of which over 100 are still active, including Mt. Fuji.  In fact, Japan was created by large earthquakes which pushed the earth's crust up.  It is at the edge of the Pacific plate which is why there are so many earthquakes that rattle Japan.

                   We learned Japan has an emperor, but he has no governmental power.

                   The famous cherry trees in Washington DC, were actually a present from Japan to the US in 1912.  The US reciprocated this kind gesture by presenting Japan with cherry trees in 1952.  They had lost many during WWII.

                  We used some of the following resources for our study of Japan, K is for Kabuki, Children Just Like Me, and A Trip Around the World.

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