Monday, August 27, 2012

Fixing Bugs

           To all my readers, first thank you for reading this blog.  Second, I have been tinkering with things to make the blog more navigable and less cluttered.  I noticed that while I loved my drop down menu, my new tabs in recipe were taking too much room.  I needed to consolidate my tabs and organize them better.

          I will be posting about my experience with trying to figure out how to do this.  It was a long night, and I had to be bright and bushy-tailed to teach school to the kids.

         Suffice it to say that my fix worked eventually for Firefox, but there is still a glitch in Internet Explorer.  So right now the site is best viewed in Firefox, which is my browser of choice.  I will be working to fix Internet Explorer.  Until I get it fixed, if you are looking for recipes, you can always look at labels and click on cooking, or scroll through the archives on the lower right of the page.

          Thanks for baring with me.  I am learning as I am going.


          Yes, I fixed the glitch!  Such an easy fix once I went to read my blog post on how I created the drop down menu.   So if your browser is Internet Explorer you shouldn't have a problem.  I least I hope not.

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