Sunday, August 12, 2012

Working with Blogger

              This "blogging" business is all new to me.  I've read plenty, but had no idea how to start one on my own.  I was intrigued for a while, and finally just decided to do it.  I saw lots of sites that had all these neat features and I wanted to incorporate some of those ideas. 
             The one feature I liked the most was the "drop down menu".  After doing a search I found lots of sites for explanations on how to make one.  I followed the directions, but nope, I couldn't make it work.  Frustration set in, like when I first set up our wireless router.  Not one to give up though, I eventually found a blog that had a step by step video on how to make the drop down menu on blogger.  Since you see one on my blog now, you know I figured it out.  The drop down guide is here, if you are interested.  I was able to click back and forth from his page to mine.  In a matter of 30 minutes, because I spent some time picking colors, it was done!  I was so proud of myself. 
             Having no computer experience except for using one, I can now testify that anyone can do it.  This is a great step by step tutorial.  Try it, but don't forget to make a back- up of your template. 
             Good luck!


  1. You are so adventurous!! You should have been a teacher.

  2. She is a teacher ;-)
    Hi! I'm a mommy to 4 and a make-at-home healthy-kids lady too! I am enjoying exploring your site!! Thanks for taking the time to put it all down!