Monday, August 6, 2012

If you........

         If you find yourself watching nick jr. even when your kids have walked out of the room this blog's for you.
         If your beautiful couches are covered with slip covers because little people seem to spill liquid even from sippy cups this blog's for you.
         If you tell your husband that you got an awesome deal from whatever store and how you saved money, and then he tells you that if you wouldn't have spent the money it would have been saved, this blog's for you.
         If you are new to homeschooling or are experienced at it, this blog's for you. 
         If you homeschool and threaten your arguing kids that you will send them to public school if they don't stop, this blog's for you. (Of course you don't mean it.)
         If you are committed to trying to feed your family healthy food and sneaking in veggies whenever you can, this blog's for you.
         If you have ever chased your one and a half year old around the house with a diaper because she keeps taking them off, this blog's for you.
         If you find your whole house has turned into a playroom even though you have a designated area for toys, this blog's for you.  At the same time if you cannot let a mess go and need to clean it up right away, this blog's for you.
        If you planted a garden and your squash outgrew many of your other plants and you had tons of squash that you didn't know what to do with it all, and then when it stopped producing you got upset, this blog's for you.
         Please feel free to comment.

Harvest mom


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