Sunday, August 19, 2012

"Wasp Repellent"

           Do you have a lot of wasps swarming around your deck or patio?  Last year we had loads of wasps.  I wanted to find a way to repel wasps so that I wouldn't have to run around with poisonous wasp spray.  Not a good thing with 4 kids and a dog.
           Here is an easy, cheap trick that totally worked for us.  All you need is string and a small paper lunch bag.
            Take your lunch bag, open it, and then tie the string around the opening.  That's it!  Just tie it to your deck, or where ever you see them hanging out.  They actually sell these "repellents" here.  But you can make it with this paper bag for pennies. 
            The look of it apparently mimics a hornet's nest, which is an enemy of the wasp.  The wasps see this "hornet nest", and keep away.
             Here is a picture of ours. I have replaced it twice.  It holds up surprisingly well.

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