Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Creating a Drop Down Menu for Labels

            For those of you who regularly read my new blog, you will notice another change.  I managed to create a drop down menu for my labels.  It is located on the right side of the blog.  You simply need to just click on the drop down box and all of the labels will show up.

           I have no computer experience but for using programs other people have created.  The process of creating this drop down menu took all of 5 minutes after I let myself breath and go for it.  It is daunting to mess with your blog, especially when it is all new to you.

          I am taking one day at a time, and when I have a free few minutes to dabble, which doesn't happen too often with 4 kids, I try my hardest.  It's usually when daddy is home, or at night, and honestly I am ready for bed by 9.

        Well as I was saying this change to my blog was so easy, I thought I would make a post for it.

        The web address for the directions is Bloggingtips.com
 Your labels will go from looking like this

Regular Labels List for Blogger
to looking like this


The step by step directions are simple.

The link for the directions is here.

Good luck!

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